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Our Story So Far

Once upon a nerdy time in 2004, in the creative haven of design school, our artistic adventure began. We dove into freelance graphics, photography, and pattern design, our creativity flowing freely. A thrilling chapter opened in 2013 when we launched Print on Demand Patterns on Spoonflower. Then, in 2014 we launched our patterns into the great outdoors via OutdoorINK at Ripstop by the Roll. Over the years, we've spread our whimsical designs across various platforms. Now, it's time to let our creativity soar once more, and we invite you to join us on this exciting expansion into the beautifully nerdy unknown!

So What's Next?

Our next stroke on the canvas of our journey? Creation.

After nearly two decades of watching in awe as others gave form and function to our digital designs, we're ready to trade pixels for palpable pieces. We're buzzing with excitement to swap our screens for the tactile bliss of hands-on creation, immersing ourselves in the joyously nerdy nuances of making things real.

Our metamorphosis into 'NerdMuse' encapsulates our panoramic vision of creativity—a whimsical blend of tech and artistry, virtual and physical.

DoubleJDoodles is our dynamic blend of digital art and photography, where meticulous pixels dance with natural spontaneity. It's a captivating harmony of virtual designs and vivid photographs, perfectly capturing our brand's playful intersection of nerdiness and nature. With every image or design, DoubleJDoodles tells a story of exploration and creativity—enriching our narrative by framing the world through both the refined lens of technology and the RAW beauty of the outdoors. 

Coby3D stands as the dynamic hub of our 3D Printing, Laser, and CNC operations. It's the magical realm where our digital doodles take on tangible form, turning cutting-edge technology into a playground for crafting physical expressions of our creativity. Coby3D embodies our passion for tech-infused artistry, resonating with our brand's dedication to whimsical innovation and hands-on inventiveness.


While each of these remains a unique color on our palette, together they blend into the vibrant hue of 'NerdMuse'—a testament to our multifaceted, unboxable, and utterly beautiful creativity.

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